Have you ever walked through an open home and instantly felt all warm and fuzzy and the urge of wanting that home to be all yours just grew even stronger? Or maybe it went the opposite way, and you were left feeling less than impressed and the mission brown colour scheme and 80’s wallpaper had you running for the door.

It’s been said time and time again, but first impressions count for so much when presenting your home to prospective buyers and can very much make or break the deal! The average buyer is emotionally invested when searching and inspecting properties so to walk in with the hope of seeing a light, airy living space styled with rose gold and beautiful pastels would be amazing right? But instead you find the home covered in lime green wallpaper, brown brick arch ways and horrible large furniture crowding all the free space in the home. Massive disappointment!
The interior design police are here to help you create the calming, inviting space that will have all the buyers flocking to your open home. And even if you’re not selling, maybe this little make over to the key areas of your home might make all the difference to the tranquillity and ambiance of your home. After all you’re the one that has to live there!

Understanding that you don’t have to redecorate the entire room to make an impact is really what you need to focus on. Adding a statement piece of art and complimenting it with some cushions and decorative items will go a long way to give the room that serene feel. Pastels and rose gold are very much the hot colours of the season and for a reason too, they are warm and inviting and work well in most rooms.

A great rule of thumb is to start with a neutral base with whites and greys and then add colour using decorative items such as vases, cushions, frames etc. That way when your colour palette changes over time, it’s much simpler to replace these items and give the room a revamp without re-painting the walls and replacing the furniture.

Most importantly, a home should feel like a home! When you’re revamping your home whether it be for an upcoming open home or just wanting to create an inviting atmosphere, make sure you include personal touches and items that hold a sentimental value to you and your family. Don’t completely eliminate all your old decorative items, changing the colour of the photo frame or position of the bowl can make all the difference. After all, you’re the one that needs to enjoy your new haven.

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